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Getting Started

ProJammer will have you jamming like a pro in no time!  ProJammer represents a revolutionary way to learn new drum skills quickly.  All you need is your drum kit, some headphones and ProJammer – it’s like having your own private drum instructor, plus a backing band!

Original Multi-track Music

ProJammer contains multi-track original music (with real instruments, not fake MIDI imitations) that you play along to.  The original play-along music is specifically written to complement each associated drum lesson.  You can selectively mute instruments and the built-in metronome to match your learning objectives.

Loops (not Songs) with Transcriptions!screenshot_soca_in_iphone_case

The play-along music is provided in loop form.  The loops allow you to get in the groove and play until you feel comfortable, without ever needing to restart a song.  Each musical loop is accompanied by a drum transcription that corresponds to the drum part in the musical loop.

Vary the Loop Speed

You can change the loop speed!  Play along with the loop at a slow speed to learn the pattern, then accelerate the loop to build your chops!

It’s Free, and No Advertising!

ProJammer is a free app and contains no advertising.  ProJammer contains five built-in musical loops plus transcriptions. The built-in loops cover Rock, Funk, World, Blues, and Latin beats.  Additional loops can optionally be purchased via in-app purchase.

Loops & Loop Packs

Ostinato SoundWorks offers a variety of loops in Rock, Blues, Funk, World, and Latin Loop Packs, as well as additional individual Loops in these and additional styles, including Country, Electronic, Pop and R&B.  Each loop contains original multi-track music and a transcription of the drum part featured in the loop.  The music was specifically composed to complement the drum part and get you into the groove!

Hiring a drum instructor to come to your house for a private drum lesson could cost $40, $50, $60 or more, but each four-loop Loop Pack costs just $1.99, and single loops cost just $0.99!  Learning the drums has never been so economical, easy, and fun!

Getting the Most out of ProJammer

When you first start to learn a loop’s drum part, put on your headphones (it’s much easier to hear the bass drum with headphones) and press the Play button.  To isolate the drum part, tap the buttons corresponding to all other instruments to turn off the other instruments.  If it helps, click the metronome button, and also, rotate the Tempo Knob counter-clockwise to slow the drum track down to the slowest setting.  Rotate your device into Landscape Mode and double-click on the transcription to maximize the display size and contrast.  Practice along a bit until you get the general feel.

Once you get comfortable, add the other instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, etc.) back with a few taps, and play along.  As your confidence grows, you can remove the drum track (and the metronome) and accelerate the tempo.  It’s like you are playing with a backing band!  Play the pattern that is transcribed, or improvise your own part!

For More Information

For more information about Ostinato SoundWorks, see here.  For more information about using ProJammer, check out the ProJammer Tutorial.  For information on privacy, see the Ostinato SoundWorks Privacy Policy.