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ProJammer Video Tutorial

Check out the ProJammer Video Tutorial on YouTube!

ProJammer Tutorial

It’s easy to start using ProJammer!  Just sit down at your drum kit, plug in your headphones to your iOS device, launch ProJammer, pick a loop from one of the Loops menus, then press the triangular Play button.  Now play along!

ProJammer contains many features to help you master drum patterns quickly.  The features available depend on whether your device is held in Portrait (upright) or Landscape (sideways) orientation.  We’ll go over both.screenshot_soca_in_iphone_case

Portrait Mode

At the top-left of the screen, you’ll see a menu button (“the hamburger”), which shows a menu of loops you can play and additional loops available for purchase.  At the top-middle of the screen you can tap the ProJammer icon to give expert guidance and advice on how to play the drum part in the loop.  At the top-right, tap the heart icon to mark a loop as a Favorite. (The loop will then be displayed in the Favorites menu.)

Below the icons at the top, you will see the drum transcription.  To make the drum transcription larger, you can either rotate your device into Landscape mode, or, you can double-tap on the transcription for an easy-to-read, high-contrast display of the transcription at maximum size.

Below the drum transcription is the heart of the ProJammer app.  Press the Play button at the bottom to play the loop, and press the resulting Pause button to pause the loop.  In the center of the screen, there is a large tempo dial.  To change the tempo of a loop, simply rotate the tempo dial counter-clockwise to slow the loop down, and clockwise to speed it up.  Double-tap on the tempo dial to go back to the default tempo.

Surrounding the tempo dial are several colorful instrument buttons.  Each button is correlated with a particular instrument in the loop (and is denoted by an instrument icon).  Press the button to disable the instrument, and press it again to enable it.  Just below the tempo dial, there is a metronome button.

Landscape Modescreenshot_soca_iphone_case_landscape

Landscape Mode has the same functionality as Portrait Mode, but the tempo dial becomes a tempo slider so there is more room for the drum transcription.  As with the tempo dial in Portrait mode, you can double-tap the tempo slider to go back to the default tempo.  Also note that you can double-tap on the transcription to display it at maximum size and contrast for improved readability.

Selecting Loops to Play

To pick a new loop to play, open the Loops Menu by pressing the menu icon in the upper-left corner of the main ProJammer screen.  The first several sub-menus organize your downloaded loops in various ways:

  • All Loops – Shows you all loops alphabetically by name
  • Genre – Shows all loops organized by genre (Blues, Funk, Latin, etc.)
  • Favorites – Shows the loops you have favorited (by pressing the “heart” icon on the ProJammer main screen)
  • Last Played – Shows the loops in the order you last played them

Purchasing Additional Contentlist_and_shop

ProJammer comes with five built-in loops for free to get you started, but many more loops are available for purchase.

Some additional loops are available in bundles of four called “Loop Packs.”  Each Loop Pack is $1.99. (That’s less than 50 cents per loop!)  It’s like a personalized drum lesson with the help of a backing band for 50 cents!  Other loops are available individually for $0.99.

To view the available content for purchase, press the “Get More Loops” sub-menu from the Loops Menu. To see a description of the contents of a Loop Pack or Loop, press the Info button (“i”) to the left of the content name.  On the description screen, press the “Video” button to view a YouTube video that shows the transcriptions and plays the loops so you can preview before you buy.

To purchase a Loop Pack or an individual Loop, press the shopping-bag icon to the right of the content name.  Once you have entered your App Store credentials, the download will commence.  Once the download is complete, the content name will move from the “Available” section to the “Downloaded” section, and the shopping-bag icon will change to an iPhone with a checkmark over it.

Deleting Purchased Content

To delete a purchased content (either a Loop Pack, or an individually-purchased Loop), simply press “Get More Loops” from the main menu, then, for three seconds, press and hold the green icon to the right of the name of the content you want to delete.  The content name will move from the “Downloaded” section of the screen to the “Available” section, and the word “restore” will appear to the left of the icon.  To restore the purchased content without any additional charge, simply press the “restore” button.

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